Travis CI, releases and updates

Finally a little time and quite a few things got finished. There are new releases for EnOceanConnector and HomeCtrl.

EnOceanConnector has undergone a good refactoring. The changes are breaking code in comparison to the previous version. HomeControl does not have breaking changes. It needed adjustions in the build script, because the new Gradle 4.* doesn't work well with some older versions of spring-boot, one of which I used. The release notes can be found on Github.

All current projects are now checked with Travis CI. So all the branches of those projects are checked for build and test errors now. EnOceanConnector and com also use Travis CI to deploy to Bintray now. After a short expedition to the land of tagging in Git and Githubs release management, all the projects now also use tagging and Github releases, which should close the final gaps from development to distribution. I added links to Github in the sidebar. Thanks to Github and they will update automatically on version updates.