Switch to webhosting and stuff

Just finished switching from my vServer back to webhosting. I simply had no time for the vServer. Now I only need to wait for the update of the DNS routes and on Tuesday I'm going to shut down the vServer for good. Yay, more speed :).

Also, woohoo, super long weekend, due to the comming up Tag der deutschen Einheit.

I think, I'll use the time to check on the EnOceanConnector. On Thursday I already took some time to upgrade to using Travis CI. So I have build checks, automated testing and automated pushing to Bintray via Travis now. I deactivated the corresponding jobs on my Jenkins at home. I want to set up the same for the COM framework and also automated testing for HomeCtrl.

A few weeks ago I also lost an outdoor temperature sensor. As a result I upgraded to this:

Weather station
Weather station WS3080

This is the WS3080 wheather station. Fortunately, I found this somewhere for a reduced price. Now I'm also working on integrating this into my home automation. The good thing is, this station is quite popular. There are some people who also wrote some open source software for this wheather station already. As far as I know, I am starting fresh with doing that in Java. I will upload it to Github too, when I'm finished.

!!! **Hint**: When trying to access the stations data in Java (via USB from the display module), I suggest to use the usb4java library with the low level API. This is the only variant I got working in a day of trying to read the data, testing different Java USB libraries. Freetz Weather is a nice reference implementation and open source.

And with that, a long weekend of coding has begun.

PS.: netcup has some nice webhosting offers currently ;)