JavaFX and Android

So, the other day I decided to slowly get some focus on a mobile client for my home automation. Not that there is much to do, because it's all automated, but I could at least show some data. Normally I like web interfaces as a GUI for the simple fact, that it can be used on every device that has a browser. This time I decided to try an Android app and to make it a little more fun and challenging, make an app with JavaFX for Desktop and Android. Here I'll ignore IOS devices completely, for the single reason that I prefer to work with Linux and Android systems.

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Status of new website

A while ago (December or January) I put a forwarding on the webspace of my old webhoster to this this page. Because it's still active, I feel a certain need to say this. The forwarding is still temporary! My current guess is, that my domain will still point to my old webhoster until the middle of July (end of contract). I asked kindly to make this change earlier, but the response was very negative. Well, it's only about two more months.

FYI: I also need to adjust my email address that time, so it might not work for a day.

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