COM 2.1.0 and HomeCtrl updates are available.

I made updates to HomeCtrl and the COM framework. Most of all, the package name changed from org.atennert.* to de.atennert.*, due to the owned domain.

In the COM framework, I moved sources in COM from the sub directory to the main directory. I also made some additions in the build.gradle to push updates to bintray (jcenter). To add the library in your project you can use the repository and the dependency: group=de.atennert, artifactId=com with the wanted version.

Gradle example:

repositories {
    maven { url "" }

dependecies {
    compile 'de.atennert:com:2+'

I added a to HomeCtrl. Besides that, there are several fixes and some pre work for new features, that can be seen from the commit statements.

Unfortunately, I'm missing release notes in both projects and a correct version overview in HomeCtrl. Both will be better in the future though.

HomeCtrl can be found at

The com framework can be found at on GitHub and as library via bintray

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